All About Learning Toys

We’re here to help you find the best learning toys for your children.

To help you choose learning toys that get played with.

That make a difference.

That do their job well as learning tools.

Why learning toys?

Kids learn about themselves and the world through play. Play actively teaches children the skills they need through life. Skills such as socializing, movement, dexterity, thinking, creativity, problem solving, strategizing, self esteem, and much more.

Toys are their tools.

We need to look at the tools we give them.

Sure most toys have some learning value. But that’s like saying most food has some sort of nutrition?

Some toys are just better &ndash more engaging, more fun, better made, and provide a wider range of learning possibilities and skill development.

Children don’t need masses of toys. They just need a good selection which cultivate and develop the various skills, age appropriately, that children need to develop. Children are designed to learn. Their brains are hard wired to learn by absorbing everything from their environment &ndash what they see, do, hear, feel and experience.


But it is a window of opportunity. Their young brains can absorb a huge amount of information. The more it absorbs, the more it grows, building and expanding pathways. Whilst scientists have discovered that the adult brain can grow when people continue to learn, it is not at anywhere near the rate of the child’s brain.

“Education is the ability to meet life’s situations.” John G Hibben

Childhood is the prime time for learning.

And toys are their tools.

Where to start?

Choose learning toys appropriate for your child’s age.

Choose educational toys which stimulate and nurture a skill for your child.

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