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Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower

Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower is an awesome learning toy, that’s not expensive and will be used and used! You can of course buy cheaper crayons, but these are the best; bright, bold colors, they color beautifully.

150 vibrantly colored crayons gives a child a creative world of color. Perfect for kids - lots of colors, so many possibilities. And the rainbow of Crayola crayons look so gorgeous in the tower. It just makes you want to start drawing!

This set contains 118 regular colored crayons, 16 metallic crayons and 16 glitter crayons. There is a color for everything! Children can color skies and water with the 15 shades of blue. Plus a rainbow of reds, oranges, greens, purples and neutrals. The glitter and metallic allow great effects.

When children are ready to color the see-through case expands into a 3 tier telescopic tower. This makes the huge number of crayons easy to see and locate. Kids love finding just the right color. No more piles of crayons all over the table. Plus the tower packs away into a nice compact size for easy storage.

Plus the tower contains an inbuilt sharpener so the crayons are quickly and easily sharpened.

★ Awards ★

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award

Why is Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower Educational?

Drawing, coloring, doodling and just having fun with color. The benefits include fine motor skills and development of the pencil grip. Creativity, recording a child’s observation of their world and helping them make sense of it, impressing memory, abstract thinking

Age group

Ages 5 to 9.

Can you ever be too old for beautiful crayons? Younger children may need help with pulling the tower up.


Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower Amazon reviews:

"I remember when I was kid, I absolutely loved my box of 64 color crayolas. Maize was my personal favorite, not a great color but an interesting name. With 150 colors this set will help your child grow in their artistic pursuits. I'm not an artist myself, but it seems that the availability of so many colors would help your child discern between slight color variations and use this to their advantage in their art."

"My daughter got this as a birthday gift from her cousin. My first thought was that it was excessive. Now, a few weeks later, I think it's fantastic. Over 100 regular crayons, around 20 metallic and about the same of glitters. They store away in their own caddy and because it looks so neat she's actually interested in keeping all the crayons where they belong at the end of our coloring sessions."

"What more needs to be said? They are not possible to live without. They even make a great snack - ask my one year old."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


This YouTube video gives you ideas about blending and etching the colors in the Crayola 150 Count Telescoping Crayon Tower.


Information on the history of Crayola crayons is at Wikipedia.


  • 150 crayons: 118 regular, 16 metallic and 16 glitter
  • Built in sharpener
  • Telescopic crayon tower case

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