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How to Use Learning Toys to Develop Your Baby

Appropriate learning toys aid in the development of skills.

From the time we are babies, we tend to have one sense - sight, hearing, movement - which is dominant.

This is our main channel to learning.

Our individual learing style determines how we learn, what we find easy to learn, and what is difficult.

You can help your child develop in all needed skills by discovering their learning sense. Then you’ll know:

  • What your baby will learn easily and naturally
  • What they may find challenging
  • What’s the best way to present new material

And the best time to start is when your child is a baby. While their brains are little learning sponges, when your influence is complete and before they have decided their preferences!

How do you tell which sense is dominant for your baby?

  • A baby who is a visual learner tends to point and gesture, is quiet, loves picture books and reaching for toys uses their hands often.
  • A baby who is a hearing learner tends to babble and sparks early, loves music and sounds and loves noisy toys.
  • A baby who is a kinesthetic learner loves to move their body, to swing and bounce, crawls and walks early, and enjoys toys that move with them.

Learning toys, chosen well, will work with your child’s natural learning style and encourage the use of senses they are less predisposed to use.

How to develop your baby’s visual learning skills

Visual skills develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed for writing. All children need to develop these skills.

Learning toys to develop baby’s visual learning skills

  • Blocks for babies:
    Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks
    Alphabet Blocks
    Edushape My Soft World Block Set City

  • Picture books

  • Play hide and seek with objects:
    Peek-a-Blocks Discovery Color Blocks
    Lamaze Peekaboo
    I Love You
    Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Birdhouse

  • Mirror play (make sure it’s a baby safe one):
    Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Musical Activity Mirror
    Look At Me Mirror Taggies by Earlyyears
    Fisher-Price Rainforest Music and Lights Mirror

  • Soft books:
    Sassy Baby’s First Books

  • Soft toys with a variety of color and patterns:
    Lamaze Jacques the Peacock
    Lamaze Buzz the Bug Play & Grow
    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Picnic Basket Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy

  • Stacking toys:
    Tolo Rainbow Stacker
    Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

  • Visual toys which encourage movement:
    Fisher-Price Look a Rounds
    Gymini Super Deluxe
    Skwish Classic

Auditory orientated babies best develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills accompanied by social interaction and sound. Use sound to keep them interested whilst giving visual inspiration to a child who prefers listening, talk to them.

Kinesthetic babies will prefer their visual learning linked with movement. Engage these children with physical activity and touch.

Developing baby’s sight auditory skills

Developed listening skills are vital for language, reading and socialization.

Learning toys to develop baby’s auditory learning skills

  • Chimes:
    Lamaze Chime Garden
    Tiny Love Wind Chimes Ocean

  • Everyday sounds:
    Hear & Go Seek Everyday Sounds

  • Lullabys:
    Heavenly Skies and Lullabies
    Soothe & Glow Seahorse

  • Musical books:
    Sassy Soft Book Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Musical toys:
    Neurosmith Jumbo Music Block,
    LeapFrog Learn & Groove Counting Maracas

  • Rattles:
    Infantino Peek
    Rattle and Teether

  • Squeaky toys

  • Talk and sing to your baby

  • Toy musical instruments:
    Earlyears Lock ’n Rock Linking Shakers

  • Toys which encourage movement:
    DNU-Baby’s Wind Chimes Kick Toy
    Big & Small Chime Ball

  • Toys which make sounds:
    Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes
    Fisher-Price Rainforest Giraffe Stacker
    Peek-a-Blocks Sensory: Sound Sensations Blocks
    Manhattan Toy NooBoo Symphonic Stacker

Encourage listening skills for visual babies with learning toys which give them something to watch whilst they listen.

Encourage listening skills for kinesthetic babies with learning toys which encourage movement whilst they listening.

Developing baby’s kinesthetic learning skills

These children are natural movers. They often walk very early. These skills are important for mastering sports and enjoying physical activities throughout their lives.

Learning toys to develop baby’s kinesthetic learning skills

  • Baby jumpers and swings:
    Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

  • Balls:
    Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter

  • Hugging Toys:
    Fisher-Price Miracles & Milestones Touch & Cuddle Hedgehog

  • Pull alongs:
    Quack Along Ducks

  • Ride ons:
    Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

  • Soft toys:
    Early years Soft Busy Blocks
    Taggies Big Soft Blocks

  • Tapping bench:
    VTech Infant Learning Hammer Fun Learning Truck

  • Tents:
    Haba Blossom Sky Room Tent
    Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent

  • Textured toys:
    Alphablock Sorter
    Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Birdhouse

  • Toys which encourage movement:
    Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/Foot Finder Set

  • Water play (with adult supervision):
    Alex Toys Rub a Dub Squirters for the Tub On the Go Transportation

Encourage movement skills for visual babies with toys such as hide and seek, balls, pictures, colors and patterns.

Encourage movement skills for listening babies with learning toys which reward them with sounds and music.

More baby learning toys.

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