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Personal Trainer Math

Personal Trainer Math Personal Trainer Math is a great math learning game. Children aged 7 to 10 years can hone their multiplication and addition skills in this fast paced and rewarding game.

Children need a solid foundation of basic math and this is what Personal Trainer Math teaches. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Basic stuff which is boring to learn. But essential.

Even kids who are good at math need solid repetition to make sure these basic skills are well grounded.

And kids who are not good at math need something to make it more fun so they can get in the hours of practice they need to make it second nature.

There are 40 different exercises, and the daily practice takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

It starts from very simple and builds difficulty.

Personal Trainer Math uses daily drilling to practice and reinforce. Drilling is a tried and tested way of learning basic math. The drills are a time limited so children are challenged.

A side bonus is children need to write their numbers neatly in order for the DS to correctly recognize their answers. So it helps if children have a habit of not forming their numbers properly.

Achievement is rewarded and progress is reported daily.

Video games can be used successfully for teaching and is the perfect way of adding a bit of fun to dry math material. A great way of getting kids interested in learning math.

Personal Trainer Math game is great!


Personal Trainer Math on Nintendo DS.

Age group

7 to 10 years.


Amazon reviews:
educational video games

"Good practice for kids. I purchased this game for a 9 year old who hates doing flash cards. This game is helping her become quicker with her basic math facts. Since that is the reason I purchased the game, I am very happy with it. I get her to play the game 3 to 4 times a week for 10 - 15 minutes at a time and have already seen an improvement in the quickness that she can come up with the answer. We have had no problems with the screen being able to tell what number it is that we have written. All people in my house have played the game and we all have varying degrees of neatness/sloppiness to our handwriting and how we write our numbers. This is a good game for the kids who need to sharpen up their math facts. As an adult, I do find the game a bit boring and repetitive, but I really don’t think this game was aimed for an adult crowd. Overall, a good game for the price for the kids around ages 7-10."

"My Son Now Likes Math!!!! Our little boy is in the 3rd Grade and has been "getting by" in math without really liking it. We’d have to use positive reward type motivation to get him to do his drills without groaning and then my husband downloaded the demo of Personal Trainer Math.

Both our kids (8 & 5) played this demo non-stop for two hours until they passed out on the couch (they chose this over watching a movie with us)!!!

The game basically has them run through several different types of drills covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with the help of a very cute animated professor!

The only frustrating thing is you have to teach yourself how to write the numbers so that the game can process your answers in order to get the best time.

The kids have got that figured out and now they do their daily tests each day. Our son is at a level six. He’s very confident in his ability to solve math problems quickly (which is a huge improvement). It’s so nice to see him excited about math!!! What a change in his attitude and approach to the subject this game has made!"

"Outstanding learning game. While it’s not as much fun as my sons other games, he does really enjoy the challenge and it has definitely helped with his multiplication skills."

"Great teaching game. My 6-year old loves this DS game. He played with it for 2 hours when he first got it. Are you tired of printing out math worksheets for daily practice? This will be a great game for you and your child. I wouldn’t worry about the DS not recognizing your handwriting. We have not had a problem with this as other reviewers have. It recognizes my 6-year old’s handwriting without a problem. Even if you only play with it a few minutes a day it can help improve your addition skills. Definitely worth the money."

"Fun learning for kids and adults. I bought this as a way to help my 4 children develop and maintain their computational skills over the summer. As I tried out the game so that I could show it to them, I became hooked myself! I have a college minor in math, and this game can be challenging no matter what your level, because it pushes you to improve your accuracy and your speed. I would finish and then say, "Darn! I can do better than that!" And then do it again. My oldest son is having a similar experience. Some reviewers have complained about how the game doesn’t recognize their handwriting. Although this is a little troubling at times, I actually really like this feature of the game: my 2 youngest sons are left-handed, and they make some of their numbers backwards, or in inefficient ways. This game requires that they make the numbers "correctly." It’s one thing to have your old mom keep correcting your handwriting; but if you have to do it right to win the game, then you very quickly change your ways. Hooray for 7’s and 4’s going in the right direction! This game has all sorts of clever drill methods, and many levels of practice, ranging from one-digit to 3-digit. It provides feedback on speed and accuracy. An effective and fun way of improving skills for both children and adults."

"Excellent Teaching Tool! I cannot recommend this game enough! My eight year old homeschooled daughter loves this game. After getting frustrated with the difficulty in getting her to remember her times tables, I purchased this game to try to help. She has gone from not wanting to even try the 7’s to getting all 10 questions correct in 30 seconds. She gets excited when she beats her previous time and tries to beat it. If your child gets motivated by trying to beat their score, this is the game for them. They don’t have to compete against anyone else, it’s just working on beating their own score. There are several different names that can be entered and their scores are independent of each other. There are different levels for addition and subtraction so even adults can tune up their skills."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 Stars.


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Personal Trainer Math on YouTube.

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