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Baby Learning Toys - 0 to 12 Months

Why are baby learning toys important? Because in the first year of life children develop very quickly.

These first key years are perhaps the most important learning years. Baby learning toys help them to develop skills.

Developing the senses; sight, hearing, touch, is key at this time.

Next comes motor skill development. First learning to use their hands, then sitting, kneeling, crawling, cruising along furniture and often walking. They seem too small to be running, but some can.

What are the best baby learning toys?

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo This is a safe and fun place for a baby be.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo gets baby moving by themselves; baby’s love jumping, bouncing and spinning.

Suitable for babies who can hold their heads up unassisted and who cannot climb or walk.

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Fisher-Price Look a Rounds

Fisher-Price Look a Rounds Fisher-Price Look a Rounds provide entertainment and fun for babies whilst encourage hand movements and crawling.

A learning toy for babies that is safe and economical and a lot of fun!

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Gymini Super Deluxe

Gymini Super Deluxe Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Lights & Music help babies from 1 month to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Wonderful for tummy time too!

Award winning.

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Manhattan Toy NooBoo Symphonic Stacker

Manhattan Toy NooBoo Symphonic Stacker The NooBoo Symphonic Stacker is a multi award wining baby learning toys for 9 months and up.

Beautiful colors and rewarding sounds teach baby hand eye coordination, problem solving and cause and effect. It is a fun toy too!

Award winning.

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Skwish Classic

Skwish Classic Skwish is a colorful, wooden learning toy which help young babies develop their hand movements.

Its durable design will withstand lots of grabbing, rolling, rattling, pulling, flattening and squashing play.

Award winning.

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★ Baby learning toys for first year milestones ★

  1. Hearing: babies enjoy sounds and are a great way to calm or entertain.

    Try: singing, music, chimes, squeaky toys, animal sounds, laughter , talking to your baby.

  2. Sight: initially babies sight is fuzzy and they firstly try to focus on things up to 12 inches or so from their face. Babies prefer to look at faces and enjoy high contrast black and white and bright colors.

    Try: Mobiles, safety mirrors and soft books.

  3. Hand coordination: learning to control their hands, grasping, grabbing and reaching.

    Try: wrist and ankle rattles, squeak toys, activity toys, gyms and mats, soft toys, blanket, soft and later hard blocks, textured toys.

  4. Chewing and sucking: Try: teethers and rattles.
  5. Object permanence: Try: hide and seek games, favourite toys.
  6. Sitting: Try: nesting and stacking toys, filling and emptying toys such as bucket and spade, travel toys, bath toys and eating utensils.
  7. Crawling: Try: balls, movable toys such as cars and trains.
  8. Walking: Try: push toys and play tables.
  9. Avoid: attaching baby toys to cribs, playpen, strollers, or around the neck with ribbon or elastic which could strangle or entangle baby. Don’t leave toys in the crib. Remove hanging mobiles from over crib when baby is able to get up on knees. Small items attached to toys such as bells, buttons, bows, ribbon, sequins. Hard plastic or wire that could poke thru the covering. Small items that could choke. Toxic material such as paint or. Now is a good time to consider natural material such as wool, rubber and wood, especially organic

More baby learning toys.

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