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Colorforms Colorforms is a creative toy which has limitless possibilities, this is one of the best learning toys to develop creativity.

This great learning toy, loved from the 1950s, is back! An educational toy that has stood the test of time. It appeals to kids today as much as it did to their grandparents. You can’t beat the classics!

This is a purely creative toy, all about color and shape. They are pre-cut vinyl geometric shapes in a variety of colors. They are repositionable to form an endless combination of patterns and allow real creativity.

These are an open ended design - the child is not lead in any direction. Their imagination rules! In its simplest form a rectangle and two circles becomes a car. A circle and 5 rectangles becomes a person. Together they form a story.

They will attach to any glossy surface, including the two panels included in the set. They also attach to themselves.

They are clean, safe and reusable. They are easy to use and simple to get started with. Scenes and designs can be changed over and over again. Suitable for both abstract and realistic creations. And not associated with any cartoon characters or franchises. And as they are suitable for all ages, Parents will enjoy playing as well.


  • Parents Choice Award for Top Classic Toy
  • Top 100 Toy of the 20th Century

Why is Colorforms educational?

Taking very basic shapes, immensely complex and satisfying designs are possible. Appropriate for the very young through to adults.

What skills does it develop?

Encourages creativity and imagination. It is open-ended, i.e. the child is not lead. This learning toy is original and fun. Plus great for dexterity.

Age group

Ages: 3 to 8 years.


Amazon reviews:

"Delightful, educational, creative, entertaining and loads of fun. Colorforms were first marketed in 1951 and I was probably a bit too old for them. I frankly don’t remember if we got them for our son or not. That too was a long time ago. Now I have grandchildren whom I indulge. Of course, nearly everything I get them is something thst I think I’d enjoy. On that point, Colorforms rate high. They are ideal for a young imagination - or an old one.

The concept is elegantly simple: die-cut vinyl pieces that adhere to glossy surfaces, like the two cardboard sheets they provide, windows or each other. The child can try for representational images (i.e., faces), patterns or whatever they want. (I feel certain artists like Piet Mondrian and Frank Stella would have loved Colorforms.)

No adult supervision is required, other than keeping the kids from hogging all of one color or shape. And, depending on their mood, it can keep children occupied for some time.

All in all, a lot of fun for kids and grownups. Gotta enforce the rule that they play with the Colorforms in one place and not carry them around the house, though. Things are murderous to pick up when they’re spread out.

Overall, a fun, durable toy that provides many hours of fun to the young ones - and the old ones, as well."

"Classic for creativity. This Original set is a classic. The basic shapes help a child learn artistic fundamentals, construction, and creativity. This has been a favorite for two generations of children in our family. A wonderful "quiet time" toy."

"Designed by artists, perfect for making art. I read that Colorforms were designed in the 1950’s by two artists who were looking for a fun way to decorate the walls of their apartment, and the artistic foundation of this product is clear. While Colorforms don’t stick to walls, they do stick very lightly to completely smooth, clean surfaces like tile, glass (windows), and whiteboards, and they are so fun for all ages to play with. My 2 year old loves them, and the set is huge: 70 shapes of different sizes in 5 colors, a total of 350 pieces. The set offers great potential for learning about shapes and making imaginative compositions. I showed my child how two triangles can make a star or a diamond when put together in different ways, and she is fascinated. Putting the shapes back in their places is also a fun learning experience. Colorforms allow young children to make designs easily, like a house, that they can’t make well with crayons yet. Best of all, Colorforms wipe clean and never wear out. A+"

"Encourages creativity. I bought this for my 3 yo daughter but my 7 yo son has played with it more. He has enjoyed making patterns and also creating scenes. Each color comes as a full sheet and you are supposed to peel off the excess to reveal the shapes stuck to the backing board. My tip is that I saved the excess colorform material and cut it into different shapes to expand the selection. I made stars and hearts, etc."

"Limitless creative value. I was there when the first edition was released. It was magical then and when I opened the very attractive box of my new version, it was magic all over again. No guidelines, two background boards, bright basic primary colored shapes; it’s tantamount to having a nice building block set in your lap. Use on mirrors, windows, and other smooth glass-like surfaces to unleash new energies. It would be even more fun to have extra colorform pages from which to cut one’s own shapes. I rate my Colorforms with an A+."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


Information on the history of
Colorforms at Wikipedia.


  • 350 brightly-colored pieces
  • spiral-bound book and case

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