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Crayola Model Magic Crayola Model Magic is a great learning toy for children. It’s soft, light weight, non toxic, it’s very pliable and easy for small hands to work with. It doesn’t smell or crumble, so it’s clean to play with and doesn’t leave a mess to clean up. The colors mix together easily. Great mess free fun and kids just love it!

Crayola Model Magic air dries in about 24 hours, so child can then display or play with their creations.

This is the bargain way to buy Crayola Model Magic Modeling Compound this terrific learning toy. There are 75 x one oz pouches. Much lower cost than buying the 2lb buckets. Plus having individually wrapped pouches allows you to open only the amount of Modeling Compound that you need, so there’s no wastage. This stuff does dry up if you don’t seal it up really well after play.

This pack comes in four vibrant colors; red, yellow, blue and white. The colors can be easily mixed together to create secondary colors or a marbleized effect. The white can be used to make pastel tones, plus it can be colored with markers or paint.

These little pouches are also great for odorless, mess free play during travel.

Children can sculpt animals, flowers, friends, useful objects, for pretend play. Learn by making numbers and letters, signs and symbols, frames and fridge magnets. Incorporate household objects into the models, use tools to add shape, texture and detail such as cookie cutters and rolling pins. Children learn about colors and color mixing.

When the sculptures are dry they can be put on display. Or played with in conjunction with other toys such as Lego. Use the pieces and create board games or , play props that can be dressed later. Children can make balls and they do bounce! Great for children to make their own gifts.

It’s even fun for adults so great for playing with your children. You can also use it to make keepsake hand and foot prints as your children grow. No need for expensive, messy kits!

Why is Crayola Model Magic educational?

Modeling clay is one of the staples of toddler art and craft! Great for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, cooperative and social play with others, creating, building, color theory.

Plus as there sculptures dry, they can be used to play with, so objects can be made with a use in mind.

Why I’ve recommended this modeling compound is it doesn’t smell, crumble or leave a mess. Children love craft but sometimes I’ve been guilty of not wanting to clean up the resulting mess! So art and mess don’t have to do together. It has a lovely feel and it’s easy to use so even young children can make what their imagination sees. Older children, with their better motor skills, can craft the most dazzling, colorful creations.

A great product for kids craft.

Age group

3 to 10 years.


Amazon reviews:

"Best way to buy this item. The retail packages of this clay comes in bigger packages - so kids open it and need to use a whole bunch of it before it dries. This one has tons of small packages - one of each color usually enough to entertain the kids for an hour or more."

"This has got to be one of the best child’s sculpting clay-like substances available. Our 8-year old played with this stuff at his art camp last summer and it was an instant success. Throughout the week, it was his absolutely most favorite thing to work with. We got him this bucket so that he could keep working with this at home and his creativity really showed through -- not only with the four basic colors but mixing them to make all the colors of the rainbow. He has now now worked through 3-4 buckets of this and his projects are consistently getting better, more interesting, and more complex as he learns to think ahead through the sculpting process."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.

Crayola Model Magic on YouTube

Crayola Model Magic fusion modeling clay ideas. Some great ideas for using model magic to make some interesting shapes and creatures. How to incorporate things around home, also how to make hair and fur.

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