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gymini Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe is a soft play mat for babies aged 1 month to 1 year. It is covered with colorful designs and jungle themed animal illustrations. Gymini is great for babies lying down, sitting or doing tummy time.

Tiny Love makes the best baby activity mats, and this is the Gymini Super Deluxe Lights & Music which is their award winning, feature packed version.

It is a safe, soft, relaxing and secure place for babies to be. The arches close over the top of baby making them feel secure. The classical music soothes and calms.

Here textures, color, sounds, lights, movement - all play a role in awakening a baby’s senses;

  • Touch by the different textures and shapes
  • Hearing by the music and sounds
  • Sight by the colorful design and lights

Two padded arches cross diagonally from the corners. Toys dangle from the arches. The toys can be swapped for other safe baby toys to give baby variety, retain attention and encourage grasping.

A large mirror is positioned against one of the arches so baby can see themselves to encourage head lifting and turning. Babies love to look at themselves.

A hidden music box plays 10 minutes of Mozart and 3 short fragments of nursery rhymes. When the music stops, older babies can press in the corner of the mat to restart the music. Flowers light up when the music plays.

There are plenty of surprises in Gymini; a flower that lights up, toys that rattles, animals which make a crinkly sound when squished, tails that squeak when pressed.

The sounds are gentle and pleasant; squeaks, crinkles, rattles and classical music.

It helps make tummy time fun. One of the things that the Gymini Mat was great for with my son was tummy time. He hated tummy time, lots of babies do. But he had to do it (he was such a great back sleeper and had a bit of a flat head!) The mat seemed to make daily tummy time more bearable for him. Tummy time is important to strengthen neck muscles to prepare for crawling; it is the first step before pushing up on their arms to roll and sit up and eventually stand; it gives the back of their heads a rest and a chance to reduce flat spots on the back of the head;

It’s perfect for both young and older babies. When the baby is older, you can remove the arches and let the baby play with the toys that had been hanging. To get the most use out of an activity mat, get one when baby is very young!

Things to note: the mat may need extra padding if it’s to be used on a wooden floor. The mat is machine washable; just remember to remove the music box and mirror before washing.

Great to take anywhere. Tiny Love Gymini loves to travel; just fold flat and snap together.


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Blue Chip Classic Award
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Gold Seal Best Toy Award
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Platinum Award
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Special Needs Adaptable Product Award
  • Parenting Magazine - Toy of the Year Award
  • Parents’ Choice - Silver Honors Seal

Why is Gymini Super Deluxe educational?

tiny love gym

Visual acuity: very young babies under 2 months are learning to focus. Lying on the mat, looking up at the hanging toys helps this. Lying on their backs, babies learn to control their arms as they reach for toys. Provides an environment which makes tummy time fun, and so helps strengthen neck and shoulder muscles. It encourages development of motor skills.

  • Gross motor skills, involving the large muscles, are developed by kicking, rolling over, reaching for toys and pushing up on arms. The mirror encourages head lifting and neck development.
  • Fine motor skills are encouraged by grasping, batting and reaching and pulling hanging toys.
Learning cause and effect; the toys make noises when they are grabbed or hit. The music can be turn on by baby touching the correct corner of the mat. Object permanence: hide and seek games with toys that have hidden detail, such as the animal hidden under the elephant’s ear.

Age group

1 month to 1 year.


tiny love activity mat Amazon reviews:

"Wonderful activity mat! This is a wonderful activity mat, and I am thrilled that I purchased it. It puts 2 in one, adding a tummy time mat with toys for back play time. Now that my 4 month old can roll from back to tummy, it’s the perfect place because it entertains him either way he lies! Also washes easily and folds down compactly. The lights are wonderful and toys are just the right length - and if not, you can add/take away links or take the toys off completely. I’ve also put some of his other favorite toys up there to mix it up. Definitely worth the cost."

"All around great. My almost 5 month old loves this thing. And so do I. It has been entertaining baby since he was a few weeks old and has only gotten better. It folds in half for travel. And, the mat can be disassembled and washed after the inevitable mess. My kid is very demanding of his parent’s time and this is one of the only things that keeps him entertained without direct parental involvement. Buy it and you won’t be disappointed."

"Excellent quality, fabulous entertainment. I put this mat on our registry based on all the good reviews and I can’t say enough good things about it. We got another activity mat as a gift as well, the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune, but this one by Tiny Love is far superior in quality, design and ease of use. When we first got it before my son’s birth, i was so taken with it, i spent a good half hour just playing with it myself! My son is now nearly five months and has been using this gym since he was a couple weeks old. It’s been amazing watching him interact with this mat as he develops different skills.

The mat unfolds easily out of the box and is ready for play right away. The snap holding the arches together in the middle can be easily undone and the arches laid flat to enable baby to nap on the mat. The arches can also easily unsnap altogether when you need to wash the mat. I unsnapped the arches and curved them into my suitcase on top of the folded mat when i recently went overseas for an extended trip with my son. We spent two months out of the country and this Tiny Love mat went with us. He played and napped in it every day and i thanked my stars everyday that I had brought it.

The dangling animals are incredibly cute and creatively designed with eye-catching colors and textures. My son loves to hold the monkey’s hand as it dangles outstretched. He has gone from just looking at the parrot to actively fingering its crinkly wings. And he also has great fun with the 3-D elements on the mat -- he can spend 10 minutes just scrunching the big elephant’s ear so he can hear it crinkle.

The music and lights are soothing, never obnoxious. I’ve looked at a few other activity gyms and this one just seems head and shoulders above them all in terms of design and creativity. I’m planning on holding on to this for our next baby!"

"The best gym! Researched every gym made by every brand. This gym truly is the best and folds up in a cinch! My son was 2 months old when we first got it and he’s 4 months old, now. He still loves it! And he shows no sign of boredom. He has learned to roll over when playing in it! He will roll and scoot from one corner to the other looking and batting at his favorite toys. Everyday, he learns to do a new trick! I highly recommend this gym for every baby! Well worth the money!"

"Educational, colorful, and buys mom some time! Proved to be just as good as the other reviewers said. Baby loves it. So many things to do, noises, textures, lights, colors, things to feel and push and pull. Highly recommend, I am glad I chose this play mat over the others on the site. Actually came here to buy the Baby Einstein play mat, and after reading the reviews, chose this one instead. No regrets! Glad I did!"

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


A Review of the Tiny Love
Gymini Super Deluxe on YouTube.


learning toys
  • 32 x 32 inch soft mat with hanging toys
  • Detachable music box
  • 3 x AA batteries (included)

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