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Leap Frog Tag Reading System

leap frog tag reading system The Leap Frog Tag Reading System is an interactive learning toy which helps children to learn and improve their reading skills.

The pen interacts with specially printed books. The child simply touches the book with the pen and it starts talking. It can be directed to read the story out loud, or individual words new to the child can be selected for pronunciation, and songs and other activities and games can be accessed from each page. Children are encouraged to read as they don’t have to rely on an adult to read for them. The tag reader helps them as they go.

The library of companion books covers a range of topics, from popular TV and movie characters such as ’SpongeBob SquarePants’ and ’Kung Fu Panda’, to classic tales such as ’The Little Engine That Could’ to keep the interest of 4 to 8 year olds. The library of books is currently about 30 books. Books you buy are downloaded into the pen via USB from your computer attached to the internet. To allow you to keep up with your child’s reading progress, you can track your child’s achievements online. Because of this tracking facility it is recommended that each child has their own tag pen. learning toys

Children build vocabulary, spelling, phonic, reading and comprehension skills.

This is a great learning toy which encourages reading by children of different skill levels. Wonderful for children who are new to reading and who need to be read to. Leap Frog Tag Reading System can supplement reading by the parent, adding more reading time to build skills. It is also good for the child who reads well for their age because it helps them expand their vocabulary and gives them confidence to read on their own as it helps them with words they are stuck on.

There are currently three versions available:

Leap Frog Tag Reading System can be used with headphones, which are not included, to make a great travel toy.

It requires 2 x AAA batteries which are not included.


  • iParenting Media, Outstanding Products Award
  • National Parenting Media, Gold Award
  • Parents Magazine, Best Toys of the Year Award
  • The National Parenting Center, Seal of Approval
  • Toy Industry Association, Educational Toy of the Year

What skills does Tag Reader develop?

  • Listening and Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics Skills
  • Word Recognition
  • Book and Print Basics
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Consonants
  • Vowels

Age group

4 to 8 years.


Amazon reviews:

electronic learning toys "The Holy Grail. There was an article about this toy before it came out in Wired Magazine. It basically interviewed the inventor and peaked my curiosity. So I purchased it. It is an impressive device by any modern day standards. Basically it’s a camera that recognizes words and images on specialized paper (the limited series of books that you purchase). Once recognized it plays sound bites or reads the word(s) on the page that you are passing the pen over. It’s smartly designed and a child quickly understands how to operate it.

At first it’s a game and your child will just want to click on everything to hear the sound bites. As time goes by they start exploring the less than obvious features like read back and games. Before you know it you have a totally transfixed kid. It’s great for a long drive and it certainly beats the pants off a dvd. I do believe that this device is positively contributing to my child’s learning. I will say that the books vary in quality. I am writing reviews on most of them ; ) so you can follow along if you wish. To start with get Sponge Bob as it is the best of the bunch followed by Kung Fu Panda or Cars.

leap frog reading Last thought if you’re still with me. This is a wonderful invention. I do recommend it especially for parent’s that are looking for an alternative to TV. I just wish to caution that it is not a substitute for quality reading time with your child so make sure to read to them as well. Overall a great investment."

"Best Commute Option Ever. We use this toy for our almost-five-year-old during our daily commutes. It’s wonderful because a) it grabs her attention and delights her during what is usually a very shaky, depressing, hungry time of day, b) it’s not like a video game in which you have a catatonic child in your backseat who refuses to talk--it’s an interactive learning toy that prompts questions and interesting conversations, and c) it’s not obnoxious--no weird beeping, no shooting noises, no electronic "music." It’s filled with great music that’s real. (The most obnoxious it gets is when she repeatedly clicks on an interesting phrase. Last week we heard "It was spectacular!" five times, before she informed us what she believes "spectacular" means.)

It’s not often when our child thinks that a toy is as awesome as her parents do. But I can tell this one is definitely on her short list. It’s the only toy that regularly travels from the car to the living room, to the kitchen table, to the bedroom, and then back to the car. That’s right. She *carries* it. She doesn’t ask us to carry it around for her. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the highest praise you can give."

"Teacher comments. I bought the Tag system and the Fancy Nancy book to go with it last winter for use in my first grade classroom. After teaching the class how it works, I set it out as a center/finished-work option. It’s great because it levels the field between struggling readers, who will have the story read to them while they follow along, and more advanced readers who read the story and use the pen for help with challenge words. There are a lot of sound-effects and surprises worked into the pictures, which are not just entertaining but increase comprehension and the ability to imagine/mentally experience what is going on in the book. It is always exciting to find something that children find to be fun and I know is helping them practice important skills. The one downside is that you have to use the internet to download the stories onto the pen and I’m unable to use the TAG software at school. I had no trouble acccessing it from home, though. Other than that minor issue, I highly recommend this system for kindergarten and first-grade children."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


Leap Frog Tag Reading System
Tag Reading System review on YouTube.

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