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Moon in My Room

Moon in My Room

Children love having the Moon in My Room in their room.

The moon is such a fascinating part of our lives and even more intriguing to a child. The peaceful glow of our moon just naturally catches their attention and a desire to learn more. Moon in My Room was designed to teach your child about an important part of our universe and with no direct teaching on the parent’s part.

You know you have a special learning toy when children and adults alike find a certain fascination in the product. There is nothing more surreal or comforting than the natural curve of a lighted world a million miles away as little ones drift into a pleasant sleep after the day’s busy activities. Their minds begin to relax and pressures begin to recede.

Twelve separate lunar phases of Moon in My Room lets your child recognize and name the different courses set out on the moon’s journey as it circles the earth. An enclosed audio CD will teach them exciting facts about this the dominant object in our night sky. This learning toy will make your child forget that they are storing valuable facts; they just know that it is fun!

science toys Moon in My Room, is a simple yet exciting piece of science that can further excel an interest in the area of astronomy for all children, most popular with boys, ages 6-15. Although not recommended for children younger than 6 years old, many parents are now purchasing for toddlers as they see the dramatic interest in the moon’s silvery, calming atmosphere at bedtime. Usually placed high on a wall, little fingers are not prone to connect and usually do not even notice during the day.

Authentically detailed, children no longer have to rely on their memories of this outdoor miracle of the moon or have a telescope to pinpoint certain details in the moon’s phases. They will be able to match these phases to the real thing outside once gazing at their own bedroom model at night and learn when different changes will occur.

Easily attachable to any wall and controlled by remote control to scroll through the different phases or it can be paused to rest on one particular still mode. Moon in My Room is a special learning toy that will be remembered for years and more importantly, the exciting facts presented and learned will stay with any child a lifetime.

Age group

Best for children 6 years and up.


science kit Amazon reviews:

"Very Nice Lightlight. This is so cool. Has two modes: one where it changes every 5 seconds, two where you set the moon phase and it doesn't change. It has a built in timer that turns it off after 30 minutes so you won't drain the battery all night. My 7-year old son loves it and uses it to go to sleep to every night."

"Put to a Different Use! Mythology! Most people obtain this product for a child's room as either a night light or a toy. Actually, I use it a lot differently: as an engaging teaching tool for my college mythology courses. This happy, unusual product immediately captures students' attention and interest as well as their sense of humor. "Today's special quest: the Moon, in our Room. Don't worry! Luna seems moody, but it's just a phase!" :)

learning toys The audio program that came with my moon makes a fun introduction to my lectures and presentations on the Moon in Human Culture and World Myths. Students are intrigued by the phases. You'd be surprised at how little adults really know about our moon - about something that's ever present, but ever changing. I love to point out to my students how important the moon was, and still is, to ordinary people - before all the computers, clocks, and technology; before all the street lights, lamps, and neon signs. One of my themes is "Are we forgetting to look up at the night sky?" Very effective when paired with discussions the effects of light pollution.

This Moon allows students to focus on the topic, and it's especially fun to turn off classroom lights - lecturing to the glow of this Moon as it changes. Weeks after this lecture students are usually sharing their new found interests and observations of the Moon. If you are interested in learning more about moon stories and moon myths, check out the "Windows to the Universe" Website."

"Great for All Ages. I would not describe this as simply a toy. It is an interesting, unique, and educational product for all ages."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.

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