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Reader Rabbit Toddler

Reader Rabbit Toddler Reader Rabbit Toddler is a great first educational computer software for toddlers.

Children as young as one can use it as they don’t need to be able to use a mouse properly. This allows children to play independently if you wish creating confidence as they build their first computer skills.

Reader Rabbit Toddler helps toddlers learn about animals, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, songs, and stories. There are lots of age appropriate and fun learning activities

Reader Rabbit Toddler is a tried and true learning toy for toddlers.


  • Alphabet Express: Match letters to reveal treasures
  • Bubble Castle: Pop bubbles that contain animals
  • Crayon Creations: Color with a silly crayon that makes funny sounds
  • Fly the Dreamship: Discover delightful sounds and animations
  • Follow-Me Theater: Follow Reader Rabbit as he helps you sing
  • Pop and Fly: Open the music boxes to find the matching animals

Reader Rabbit Toddler teaches skills such as:

  • Computer skills: learning to control the mouse and use a keyboard.
  • Memory and matching, cause and effect, language development, directions.
  • Letters and numbers, coloring, colors and shapes, animal names and sounds, musical instruments, parts of the body, and vocabulary.
  • Motor skills: hand eye coordination.
  • Singing and dancing, songs, rhymes and stories.
  • You can personalize Reader Rabbit Toddler with names, voices and pictures.

Age group

1 to 3 years.

Reader Rabbit Toddler Reviews

Amazon reviews:
Reader Rabbit Toddler

"Best toddler software I’ve found. We’ve tried Pooh Toddler, Little Bear, JumpStart and a handful of other toddler geared software and Reader Rabbit has been the favorite of both myself and my son. It’s easy to skip the intros (which are short anyway) and get straight to the game; it works for a wide range of toddler skills; and it has activities appropriate to a toddler’s attention span, namely short and colorful without being overly abrasive. Some of the games have more of a point than others ("can you find three matching animals?" vs. "pick a song!") but they can all be triggered by 1) point and click 2) mouse over or 3) random key pounding. This has been great for my son (who didn’t get the whole mouse thing until he was 2 1/2) and means that no game is too advanced to key pound your way through. There are about eight different games on the main disc; you can pick a song to sing, match animal babies to their parents, place shapes to complete a picture, and match letter sounds to pictures -- among other things. I really like that a lot of the short tasks are rewarded with a *short* song and animation piece -- not great art, but not annoying, either. And my son loves them. I will warn that the alphabet and the shape game can be frustrating if they accidently pick up a letter/shape on mouse over because it then has to be placed with the mouse -- random key pounding won’t unstick it. Also, my son was prone to accidently bringing up the menu through key pounding and I’d have to come and fix it. Finally, I’ve had the old and new versions of RR Toddler; the new one has a second disc which my son had zero interest in. On the main disc there are a few asthetic changes and a dreamship game in a completely different section, which my son loves but which has no real education value and is a little harder to access. On the good side, the new Reader Rabbit Toddler *seems* to run just fine on Mac OS X so I don’t have to run 9 to get it to work. Hooray! (BTW, Little Bear Toddler has the same point and click/mouse over/random keys function, but I don’t think it’s as fun. The games that *require* mouse skills in toddlers have gotten shoved in the closet.) "

"Learning can be fun. My toddler loved this software. She was intially amused by the colors and the music. The more she played the more she learned. She knows all of her body parts, including the elbow, because of this software. The combination of colorful backdrops and catchy music keeps a toddlers attention. It helped that the software did not require many clicks of the mouse, simply moving it and holding it over an object changed the games."

"Reader Rabbit Toddler is the BEST Toddler program out there! I have three children 6 and under. I used Reader Rabbit Toddler with the first and second and then lost it. I had several other toddler programs and tried all of them, but they just aren’t nearly as good as RR! So...I bought another copy and my 2 year old LOVES it! In fact, my 4 year old wanted to play it again, too! It is just the best! RR Preschool is also out of this world!"

"Preschool Computer Lab Teacher = Thumbs Up! I have taught preschool computer lab for two years and have successfully used this software with my 1, 2 & 3 year old students during both school years. I love this software because no mouse clicks are required - only moving the mouse which greatly increases my students hand-eye coordination with the mouse.

I currently have 10 PC’s in my lab and run the Toddler software on 6 machines - I love it that much! (Note: I have successfully used this software on both Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional operating platforms).

1 & 2 year old students enjoying coloring on screen, while my 3 year old students enjoy the Alphabet train & matching shapes in the clouds. I found that my older 3 year old students and my 4-5 year old students become bored of this game rather quickly so I don’t generally offer it to them - they need more of a challenge.

Overall, I’d recommend this software to anyone with young preschoolers (under 3.5 years old) who especially need to work on mouse skills. This game is great for working on mouse skills without the pressure of understanding how to "point and click"."

"The BEST first software program. After trying several different software programs for toddlers (including JumpStart Toddlers), I really believe this is the only way to go for the first program. The games are controlled by keyboard and mouse, so children who don’t yet understand mouse movement can make the game work. When using the mouse, simply rolling over the correct part of the screen will activate the game. There are a variety of games that will improve computer skills gradually. Even after learning to point, click, and drag, my son still loves this game. My only complaint about the game is that I wish the star "button" which takes you back to the main menu is at the bottom right corner of the screen and too close to other pieces on many games. The fact that you only have to pause over the star, not click it, to return to the main menu meant that, until his mouse skills improved, my son was constantly accidently exiting a game in progress. I’d move the star to the upper right or left corner. But that is my only complaint. This is a fantastic product."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars for Reader Rabbit Toddler.

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