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Schoenhut Piano

Schoenhut piano

Schoenhut piano is a wonderful toy musical instrument which toddlers love to play. It is the perfect size for children under 5 years, with 30 keys which produce a chime like sound. Whilst it does not sounds like a real piano, it is a toy piano after all, but it does have a nice tone. As a bonus the Schoenhut piano never needs tuning.

It comes with a piano learning system which includes a removable colored strip that sits behind the keys this guides the child’s fingers from chord to chord. There is a songbook.

The Schoenhut piano will look great in a playroom or family room. It is very well finished, sturdy and easy to assemble. This Schoenhut piano has a high gloss finish in black, red, white or pink. It measures 20.5"long x 19.9" wide x 19.3"high.

What skills does the Schoenhut piano develop?

Whilst most musical toys for toddlers only allow the children to listen, or to bash and crash, the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano teaches basic music concepts and actual piano playing skills.

Age group

3 to 7 years.


Amazon reviews:
toy musical instruments

"Great first piano. Bought this for my granddaughters 1 and nearly 4. It’s the perfect height for the 1 year old to stand at. Daddy is teaching them simple songs which even the one year old is trying to imitate."

"Very cute and easy to clean toy. This piano is very cute. The white paint job is perfectly smooth and very easy to keep clean. I gave it to my 11 month old daughter as a Christmas present, she love to make music with anything. And 4 months later she still plays with it. It makes a very dramatic look to her toy corner. She’ll carry the bench around and sits on it, and for those of us picture crazy moms, the bench is a really good height for her frilly dresses to take pictures. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My daughter is now 14 1/2 months and hopefully will love to play the piano one day, this was just to help with finger stretch and to hope she would take a liking to it . This piano is what I remember seeing when watching Charlie Brown. It doesn’t look so bad in the living room with the rest of her toys The sound is off, a lot. It has a higher pitch, almost like cross between a wind chime and a xylophone. But it is a child’s toy, I didn’t expect a baby baby grand. It’s not painful to listen to just not what you except to hear from a piano. I’m still giving it 5 stars because, it arrived a day ahead of schedule, with Christmas that’s always a big deal. The box was decently packaged even thought the box had a rip the piano inside was still fine, and my daughter loves the toy which is what we wanted. The piano did come with a music book and a color coded piece of paper to go above the keys."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx "A toy that gets played and played with. My grandaughter has pounded on this since she could sit on the little stool. This is one toy that is not collecting dust in the closet. Just loud enough to keep little minds interested, but not drive mom and dad nuts :-) Now, at four she is starting to read the sheet music and play the tunes, perfect starter instrument. A worthwhile investment."

"Very adorable. Your kids will love it. I purchased this for my 4 year old niece and she totally loves it. Very strongly build. Nicely painted. An excellent purchase for a child who loves to play music."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


Hear the
Schoenhut baby grand piano on YouTube


  • Piano Dimensions: 19 ¼ high x 19 7/8 wide x 20 ½ deep
  • Bench Dimensions: 9 ¼ high x 11 7/8 wide x 5 ¾ deep

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