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Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan Settlers of Catan board game brings discovery, settlement, conflict, and commerce.

This multi award winning game of strategy is different every time you play it. It has won Game of the Year in both USA and Germany, where it was developed.

This is the latest 4th edition and is the core game.

For ages 10 to adult, Settlers of Catan has a huge following worldwide for good reason. It’s fun and challenging.

The board is made up of 19 terrain hexagonal tiles (hexes) which are surrounded by ocean. This is the mythical world of Catan. These are laid down randomly. 18 of the tiles produce a different resource; either clay, ore, lumber, grain, or wool. One terrain tile is the dessert, which produces no resources.

The object of the game is to develop Catan and become Lord, by collecting resources which in turn allows you to build roads, settlements and cities. Each player starts the game with two settlements and two roads. Roads are built along the edges of the hex tiles and settlements and cities on the point where three hex tiles meet.

The roll of two dice determines which hexes produce resources. Any players with settlements or cities next to hexes that match the number rolled receive that hexes resource. Players require certain combinations of resources allows you to build. Players also need to trade resources with each other so they can get the combinations to get what they need.

Other elements add interest to the game, such as the longest road card, the biggest army card and special victory point development cards. A robber piece allows you to steal from other players.

The winner is the first person to reach 10 points.

With lots of ways to win victory points and a board which varies for every game, Settlers of Catan is a game which will entertain friends and family for years.

This core is for 3 to 4 players and a game takes approx 90 minutes. For additional players to play an expansion pack is required, which is separately purchased.

This game has been so popular, that a number of expansion packs are now available to add to this core game. These include:

  • 5 to 6 Player Expansion allows more people to play. Get this if you have more than 5 in your family! New game rules allow intern turn building so you don’t get bored waiting for your turn!
  • Seafarers Game Expansion unlocks a new world of strategy. This adds the Isles of Catan. Embark on a quest to build boats, discover new land, evade the pirate and settle the island. A fantastic expansion to a great game!
  • Cities and Knights - the settlers now need to defend Catan from raiding barbarians. Build a fortress and develop trade and culture. Makes the game more complex and challenging. Requires 5 to 6 player expansion
  • Barbarians and Traders - allows you to play with just 2 players or up to 4 players. Reduces the element of luck and increases the need for strategy. Introduces new game play and new pieces.
When you buy a Settlers of Catan expansion pack you need to make sure you get the same edition as the core game you have. Most people have editions 3 or 4.


  • Deutscher Spiele Preis 1st place
  • Games Magazine Hall of Fame
  • Origins Award - Hall of Fame: Fantasy/Science Fiction Board Games
  • Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year

Age group

10 years and up.


learning toys Amazon reviews:

"My entire family *loves* this game - including my 5 yr old. I love getting to see how the kids handle some grown up situations (like bartering for goods) and also interesting to watch them learn and develop interest in something that makes them think in different ways. There is a learning curve to this game, but that’s part of the fun. From start to finish, this game holds the attention of everyone in my family; it is never the same twice (gets the old thinker working). Helps kids develop many skills - bartering, patience, analysis, critical thinking, foresight - and is fun, too. This is one game we can get out and the teenagers actually want to participate."

"If you are a fan of Catan, the new edition will not disappoint you. If you are new to Catan, you will love it. My family spends a lot of time with this game. The game is complex enough for adults to be challenged and simple enough for your 8-10 year old to play with you. The expansion pack is a must if you would like to be able to play with more than 4 people. My suggestion, pick up the settlers, expansion pack, cities and knights, and the expansion pack for that and you are in for a lot of family fun!"

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.

Settlers of Catan on YouTube

Youtube review of Settlers of Catan
board game.


An explanation on Wikipedia of this learning toy.


  • 19 Terrain Hexagon shaped tiles
  • 6 Sea Frame tiles
  • 9 Harbor tiles
  • 16 Cities (4 of Each Color Shaped like Churches)
  • 20 Settlements (5 of Each Color Shaped like Houses)
  • 60 Roads (15 of Each Color Shaped like Bars)
  • 18 Circular Number Tokens (Chits)
  • 95 Resource Cards (19 of each: Ore, Grain, Lumber, Wool and Brick)
  • 25 Development Cards (14 Knight/Soldier, 6 Progress, 5 Victory Point)
  • 4 Building Costs Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Robber
  • 2 Special Cards: "Longest Road" & "Largest Army"
  • Games Rules
  • Almanac Booklet

Similar Toys

seafarers expansion

Settlers of Catan CORE + CITIES +SEAFARERS + 5/6 Player Expansions

Complete 6 Piece Settlers of Catan Bundle includes:

  • Settlers of Catan + 5/6 Player Ext.
  • Catan: Seafarers of Catan + 5/6 Player Expansion
  • Catan: Cities and Knights + 5/6 Player Expansion

Age: 10 years and up

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 Stars

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