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Skwish Skwish is a wooden movement toy which squishes flat and bounces back to its original shape. It makes a rattling sound as the beads slide along the wooden dowels. This toy gets baby’s attention. They enjoy looking at it and love holding and squashing it.

Skwish is a unique and multi-award winning baby toy. This is not your usual baby toy.

It teaches a baby to use their hands. To reach for, grip, manipulate, pull and carry. At about two months old a baby discovers their hands. At three months they are often ready to hold things.

One of the important skills a baby learns in its first year is to grasp objects.

This learning toy is interesting to play with. It will flatten in any direction and then bounce back into its unique shape.

Bold, bright and cheerful primary colors grab baby’s attention.

In comparison to many baby toys, the noise this makes is pleasant and gentle, similar to a rattling or clinking sound. Not annoying for babies or parents.

The design if this toy is complex, its geometrical shape is a icosahedron (which has 12 vertices, 20 faces and 30 sides). Yet it is utterly simple in what it does; helping babies use their hands.

Skwish is light and easy to for little hands to hold.

Easy for play on the go, its squashability means it fits easily into bags!

It’s durable and will withstand lots of pulling, rolling, grabbing, rattling, flattening and squashing play.

It’s safe for babies. If they fall on it, Skwish just squishes beneath them.

Skwish comes in three colors. This, the classic, is in primary colors. It is also available in pastel colors and unpainted natural wood.


  • Parents’ Choice Honors Seal
  • Parenting Magazine Toy Hall of Fame
  • NAPPA Gold Award
  • Good Toy Guide’s Highly Recommended Toys
  • Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toys
  • Child Care Supplies Solutions 1998 BOSS Gold Star Awards
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council 3-Star Award

Why is Skwish educational?

Visual acuity as baby watches the toy, Practice hand eye coordination, encourages hand movements. Geometry by playing with an icosahedron shaped toy (ok that’s pushing it!)

Age group

From birth.


wooden toys Amazon reviews:

"Great for 3 Month-olds learning to GRASP. I have a 3 month old that is just learning to grab things and this toy is great for that because there are so many parts to grab onto! The black stretchy bands are easy for new grabbers to grasp and hang onto. The beads slide back and forth creating visual stimuli and it makes kind of a cool sound too...NOT AN ANNOYING SOUND...that’s important! Plus this thing flattens out so you can cram it into a diaper bag no prob! This is the only thing keeping my kid from screaming in his car seat right now! I highly recommend!"

"Great toy! When my baby was 5 months old, she was never interested in grabbing toys. We were worried that her motor skills were not developing as it should be, but after we got this toy, that worry is totally gone. She loves playing with this toy and would use it to practice all sort of skills (grabbing, raking, shaking). After a month of playing, she is very good at getting whatever she wants now (not just this toy).

It has bright primary colors, and with many strings and rods, it is very easy for her to get a hold of it. She would try to rake it and one of her fingers would catch a string, and she seems to be very proud that she can get a hold of it so fast. There are some sliding wooden balls on the rods that make noise when the toy is shaken, and my baby loves playing with that. She’s learning cause and effect, that her action is causing these noise. And unlike other rattles and toys, most of which music/sound effects are way too loud, this one is very subtle and I don’t have to worry her toys damaging her hearing at such a young age.

This is our family’s favorite, and we are giving it out to our expectant friends as gifts. Highly recommended."

"When a baby is just first trying to grab and pick up objects, this one rewards their efforts because they can at least stick their hand in the "cage" and pick it up that way."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars.


  • Hardwood toy 5.6 x 5.8 x 6 inches

Similar Toys

Color Burst

Color Burst

Skwish Color Burst is in softer colors.

Still the same great shape and feel.

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars



An eco friendly option, this Skwish is natural, undyed, replenishable rubberwood.

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 ½ Stars

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