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Wildcraft an Herbal Adventure board game is a learning toy which teaches about 25 common and significant edible and medicinal plants. Plants include horsetail, yarrow, burdock, cattail, coltsfoot, valerian, plantain, white willow, chickweed, jewelweed, catnip, nettle, yellow dock, wild mustard, huckberry, dandelion, comfrey, cottonwood, caledula, echinacea, chamomile, field mint, wild rose and st. johnswort. The plants are used in first aid situations in the game. This is a board game where everyone wins and everyone learns about wild plants and their uses. .

Wildcrafting is the harvesting of plants from their natural or wild environment, to be used for food or medicine.

Players help grandma collect herbs she needs. They travel through a number of ecosystems, including the wild wetlands, the sunny meadow and the friendly forest. You must gather and return to grandma’s before night fall. On their adventure children learn about remedies for first aid use, as well as cooperation and sustainability.

This is a co operative game and the only way to finish is to help each other. Children enjoy giving another player the card that will help cure their ’injury’. But it still allows for strategy as children compete against time to get back before sun set. This is for up to four players. It features storytelling and allows the imaginations to run! A downloadable story enhances they play and learning value. No prior knowledge is needed.

A great way for children to learn to identify herbs in the wild and their uses for food and as remedies.

Plus Wildcraft has been made with the environment in mind. The box and playing board are made with 100% recycled chipboard and printed with vegetable oil based inks. Cards are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

A fun, safe learning game suitable for the adventurer in us all.


Mothering Magazine Top Natural Toys

Why is Wildcraft Educational?

Wildcraft An Herbal Adventure Game

Children learn to identify useful herbs and learn connection with nature. It is a good way to start an interest in herbs and their use, and encourage desire to learn more. The cards are detailed enough for players to learn to recognize the plants. Playing the game allows learning through repetition

Wildcraft An Herbal Adventure Game also teaches cooperation, builds teamwork, sharing, helping others, role playing and responsibility.

Age group

4 years and up. No reading is necessary.


kids board games Amazon reviews:

"Cooperation vs competition for young players. I purchased this game as a Christmas gift for my grandson when he was 4. I work with and teach others about the medicinal qualities of plants and I wanted to introduce him to this way of experiencing plants. He is now 5 and while he likes to play board games in general, he does not like to lose. And so this game has become a family favorite. He parents tell me that they really like the fact that everyone cooperates and contributes to finding the appropriate remedies. And they also appreciate the fact that the pictures are there so that he does not need to be able to read to play. Thanks for a great product. I am also intending to introduce it to a small adult group that is studying medicinal plants."

"Beautiful learning tool for children and adults. I am always on the lookout for cooperative games and this one did not disappoint me. The game itself is gorgeous, and it’s also very educational. It allows my children to learn about herbs in a fun manner, and I was quite surprised by how generous my son was with me when we played this game. The idea of the game is for a group of children to take a hike in the woods behind Grandma’s house and collect huckleberries. Along the way, various things can happen to the children when they land on various spaces, such as sunburn, bug bites, etc. When the children pull the card with the ailment, there are pictures of herbs that can help fix it. If the child who pulls the card does not have the herb card that can help her, then others can help her. The whole idea is to work together. It doesn’t matter who wins--the point is for all of the children to make it back to Grandma’s before it gets dark. There are even cooperation cards that can be drawn so the children who are ahead can bring another player up with them. The first time we played the game, it seemed a bit long for my 5 year old, but then I found the adaption of rules for younger children. We also got more comfortable with the game and realized we weren’t following the directions completely. Once we learned them, the game went much faster. I enjoy playing this game because I learn something too. Highly recommended!!"

"A fun cooperative family board game for younger children. We got this game when our girls were about 5-6 years old, and it’s been a fun family game for us. It is important to have an adult ready to play with younger children as the game includes a rather extensive storyline that should be read as the players progress but the players don’t need to be able to read to play. A bit like Candyland but with a more healthful theme and some valuable educational content about not eating unknown plants but still appreciating the great variety of gifts the plant world offers people, for health and wellness."

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 Stars.


See this YouTube video for an quick demonstration of this
kids board game.


  • 20 x 20 inch board made with 100% recycled chipboard
  • 4 player pieces
  • 52 plant cards
  • 52 trouble cards
  • 25 cooperative cards
  • Spinner
  • Made in USA from eco friendly materials
  • Downloadable story available

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