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Zoombinis Logical Journey

zoombinis logical journey Zoombinis Logical Journey is an extraordinary learning tool which teaches math and logic to children 8 years to adult. It’s about an awesome adventure which gets children thinking outside the box whilst they’re having fun. A great piece of educational software. It has been around for a while, but well worth tracking down.

The Zoombinis are cute creatures, each with their own characteristics, but their island has been taken over by the Diabolical Bloats. It is your task to lead them to a new home. But standing between you and the destination are a series of puzzles, which you need to solve to fulfill your quest.

The perilous puzzles require children to finding and making patterns, sorting and analyzing information, decipher combinations, compare data and develop other math skills. The puzzles are great fun as well and the solutions are different every time and each successful adventure leads to a new, more challenging journey. Each journey is a new game.

Zoombinis Logical Journey is a great fusion of fun and learning.


Codie Award: Best Home Education Software for Pre-Teens

What skills does Zoombinis Logical Journey develop?

Children learn mathematical and logical concepts whilst having fun.

Concepts include:

  • Data analysis
  • Graphing and mapping
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Pattern finding
  • Problem solving
  • Statistical thinking
  • Theory formulation and testing


PC and Mac. If you have trouble installing Zoombinis Logical Journey on PC/XP use the Compatibility Wizard explained in an Amazon review

Age group

8 years +. You can play Zoombinis Logical Journey with younger children so they can start developing the concepts they’ll need to play on their own.


Amazon reviews: zoombini logical journey

"Builds skill and character. Aside from teaching logic to children of all ages, this game also teaches self-confidence and self-esteem. Upon successfully completing a puzzle one hears "Well done, oh wise and trusty guide,"--or words of the like. These magnificent puzzles build skill and character without pressure of any kind. Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn better next time.

Each puzzle completed well brings praise and the reward of continuing on the logical journey. But in the instances one loses a few Zoombinis along the road, there is no cause for alarm. "Don’t worry, you’ll meet the Zoombinis again later," the narrator tells players.

The challenges are great for children of all ages and even for adults. I could think of much worse games with which to play of an afternoon with my kids. Even the characters and sound effects on this game are pleasant. This game is a welcome relief from mass-market time wasters. It’s fun and education packed together."

"What fun and a great learning tool. Fabulous learning tool for your children. They have fun and learn how to use logical thinking. Thank you to the developers of Zoombinis."

"We love Zoombinis. This game really makes kids think. It builds logical reasoning skills and they absolutely love it. My 5 and 8 year olds have a blast playing. The game adjusts for skill level. I’m sure it would still be fun for older kids as well. Kids have to rescue the Zoombinis by helping them relocate to a new land. On their journey kids are met with obstacles, each with perameters, for kids to navigate. For example, figuring out which toppings the pizza troll wants on his pizza from a number of choices. Listening to his response gives the clues to help them figure it out and it changes each time. My only 2 gripes are that you have to change your color setting on your computer and that there is very little explanation initially. But the kids usually figure it all out anyway. I definatly recommend this game."

"Great game! Fun & educational. During PRe-Algebra class at school, our teacher told us that our assignment today was to play this math game. Like the other so-called ’games’, I thought this was going to be another dumb and boring one. However, this is loads of fun! It challenges your mind and makes it fun. I would recommend this to anybody trying to get a reluctant child to learn or improve their math."

"The Best. Quite simply the best computer game ever made for children of all ages. I’ve been buying computer games for over 20 years and none has ever had the staying power and pure fun that Zoombinis has. Children of 4 and 5 love to set up the zoombini characters and watch it played long before they understand most of the logic. And you can watch them learn to think as they grow older and love the game that much more. Even 12-year-olds still enjoy the harder levels of play. Not even the later Zoombini games can hold hold a candle to this original masterpiece."

"Awesome Logic Game!!! I got this game years ago when it was still called "Logical Journey of the Zoombinis" but it’s still the same game. I’m 17 years old, OK? I STILL like this game, lol. It’s so cute how each of the Zoombinis has its own name and each is unique (save for one twin). The puzzles are great! This is going to sound nuts, but even though I got a 35 on the ACT including a 35 on the math part, some of these puzzles are STILL challenging for me at the harder levels! I just love logic puzzles. If you like logic puzzles, no matter what your age, this is a great game. I also like the fact that you get a monument for each trip segment and level that you get a perfect score on (aka you don’t lose any Zoombinis). It probably could’ve had a cooler ending once you beat it all; that was the only disappointing thing. Otherwise, great!"

Amazon rating

★ ★ ★ ★ 4 Stars.


Introduction to The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
on YouTube.

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